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Dr. Monroe (she/her) is a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington state who specializes in neurodiversity-affirming care for neurodivergent folks. First and foremost, she believes that all neurodivergent people have distinct talents and strengths that often go unnoticed in the neurotypical community. Her goal is to empower neurodivergent individuals by helping them identify and recognize their uniqueness. She currently offers the following services:

  • Targeted Adult Autism Evaluations

  • Targeted Adult ADHD Evaluations

  • Combined Adult Autism & ADHD Evaluations

  • Post Evaluation Support

  • Individual Therapy for adults and couples

  • Monthly parent consults

About Dr. Monroe's Services

In her evaluation services, Dr. Monroe specializes in identifying autistic and ADHD characteristics in adults. She particularly enjoys exploring these characteristics with those who have masked these traits to more easily “fit in” with the neurotypical world. In her experience, people who have lived with and learned to mask neurodivergent traits often wait until adulthood to seek out a diagnosis.


Dr. Monroe also has extensive experience providing therapy for neurodivergent adults. She specializes in helping newly diagnosed adults process their understanding of themselves. She also enjoys assisting clients in becoming familiar with how they process information and hopes to promote self-awareness around her clients’ needs and preferences for interacting with others and the world around them. Dr. Monroe also specializes in working through unmasking, disclosure of a diagnosis in work or school environments, advocating for accommodations, and developing preventative strategies against burnout.


She also provides monthly consultations for parents of neurodivergent kids who may need some additional support. Topics for these consultations are varied, and often include determining appropriate school environments and supports, learning about additional services based on each child’s unique profile, discussing parents' needs, and developing strategies to help tailor the home environment to the child's processing style.



About Dr. Monroe


Dr. Monroe earned her M.S. in 1999 from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Psychology with a Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling emphasis. Along with that degree, she completed over 2000 clinical hours with families, children, and couples. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in 2004 from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco. Dr. Monroe completed her postdoctoral psychology fellowship at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center Behavioral Pediatrics Department in Oakland, California, while simultaneously attending two years of specialized training in infant-parent mental health through the Harris Early Childhood Mental Health Training Program.

During her 15 years of practice, Dr. Monroe has been a sought-after specialist in the San Francisco Bay area in the field of evaluating neurodivergent folks. Dr. Monroe’s technique emphasizes a thoughtful and holistic understanding of each client’s unique experiences. It is her belief that everyone can thrive when given the chance and appropriate resources. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe in them.

Get in Touch with Dr. Monroe

Dr. Monroe is currently accepting new evaluation and therapy clients.

To learn more about her services, please email us at or complete our contact form.

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